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LOVE Story "All trains are equal."

Sometimes it is better to punch
in the mouth to the stomach
to kill the nest of butterflies
I want to settle it
and thus aborting a possible infatuation or
my tongue is in your hips
the perfect cliff to kill herself for love.

It may be better to go on the subway looking down,
if I meet your eyes
and I can not help but take your eyes off
and bid you farewell staring at the ass when you leave,
without preventing all realize the subway
that I did
(And believe it or not there asses that love like a look).

Maybe it's better to make the world
pass unnoticed before my eyes
if I meet a girl
that is doctorada hugging
They are leaving a huge void when going
and make you feel that vacuum is fuller than you.

Maybe it's better to prevent ask
someday why it takes so much
in return the sealed if there only sell snuff
and still hidden purchases and sales running
if you see your parents.

You'd better not get us playing ice in the mouth
as we look to see who holds more,
and then head hurt me,
but even that pain liken
Imagine you to when you were naked without at my side.

Perhaps it is better to save a few euros on paper points,
to put them in the chest when the heart revientes me,
and gastármelos in a couple of shots of tequila to the health of loneliness;
perhaps even heartless would have the misfortune to take on the head
and then could no longer live,
because since the last heartbreak
I never let myself go by the heart and if head.

And best of all would avoid playing at us
and see who holds more breathing,
because we just need to tell me lame air
"always together"
to take seriously my game and not breathe anymore.

If you're still in the same season
for a few days
you realize that all trains are the same
and that all trains repass.
And now I do not want to raise any train,
but I will in the station;

Maybe someday I want.

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